This web tool uses data from several sources:

  • FAFSA submission and completion counts for California schools downloaded from the U.S. Department of Educations office of Federal Student Aid (FSA) website.

    This web tool uses data from several sources:

    Our analysis:

    We limited our analysis to public California high schools (CDE school ownership code = 66), accounting for 90 percent of California high schools and 97 percent of its 12th-graders. We excluded continuation and alternative schools. Similarly, we excluded a number of single-school districts and K12 schools, many of which are charter schools.

    We calculated FAFSA and Cal Grant completion and award rates by dividing the counts for FAFSA completion, Cal Grant applications, and Cal Grant awards by the 12th grade enrollment counts. Any schools missing either enrollment counts or financial aid data were excluded from the analysis.

    Submitted applications can be rejected if they are missing key pieces of information. The applications that are not rejected are referred to as completed applications. Completed applications, therefore, are a subset of all submitted applications.

    Differences Between FAFSA and Cal Grant Data:

    FSA and CSAC use different methods for identifying which students should count as part of a schools 12th grade cohort for a given year, with FSA generally identifying fewer students as part of that cohort than CSAC.

    FSA attempts to restrict the reported FAFSA completion counts to high school seniors by including only students 18 years of age and under, calculated using students date of birth. For this reason the FAFSA data may not represent an exact count.

    The CSAC data does not draw upon student date of birth, but instead uses verified student GPA data provided by the high school, including graduation month and year. CSAC data includes early graduates (as of December in their senior year) and students completing graduation through the summer (August 31) after their senior year.

    Not all students who complete a FAFSA also complete a Cal Grant application because they may not complete the GPA and graduation verification steps required by CSAC. This would generally mean that FAFSA completion rates for a given high school should be higher than Cal Grant completion rates. However, because of the differences in the way CSAC and FSA count 12th graders, this may not always be the case.

    To Download This Data:

    Click on the dashboard’s export icon, found at the bottom center of the Tableau plugin, and select “Data” from the popup list. Choose the “Underlying” tab on the next screen, and then click the “Download all rows as text file” link to download the data.

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