Where can students apply for financial aid?


The Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) is an easy way for students to apply for federal and California college financial aid.


Do you think you have students who wouldnt traditionally qualify for financial aid because of their citizenship or residency status? With the Dream Application some non-California residents can qualify for Cal Grants. Undocumented students who qualify for California financial aid under the DREAM Act can use this financial aid application instead of the FAFSA.

To make sure students are meeting the requirements to qualify for California college aid, check out the Cal Grant Information website.


Do you have students that are interested in community college? The Board of Governors Fee Waiver allows qualifying students to waive enrollment fees at California Community Colleges.


Want to check on a students progress in completing a financial aid application? Check out these sites:


WebGrants is an access point for high school counselors and administrators to manage, submit, and report their students Cal Grant application information.


At WebGrants 4 Students, students can manage their Cal Grant and/or Chafee account(s) online.


Do students you know have questions about applying for financial aid? Find answers here:


The Federal Student Aid Website is the main page for federal college financial aid and a good starting point for students exploring their financial aid options.


The Federal Student Aid Resources page provides dozens of resources to students preparing to apply for college financial aid.


The Federal Student Aid Glossary defines terms typically used in the college financial aid process.


The CA Dream Application Information & Resources page provides background information for students interested in completing the Dream Application to seek out financial aid options.


Do you know students who are just starting to map out their plans for college financial aid? Find helpful information here:


Federal Student Aid Videos provides short videos explaining different parts of the college financial aid process.


College Gold Rush walks California students step-by-step through the financial aid application process.


ICanAffordCollege.com is a campaign sponsored by California Community Colleges to raise awareness about financial aid in California. Similar to College Gold Rush, this site walks student through the process of seeking and applying for college financial aid. ICanAffordCollege.com offers guidance both to high school students and to students who have already completed high school.


California Colleges provides college and career planning information for California students.


The College Results Online website provides information on rates of college completion, tuition costs, and diversity information for colleges across the United States.


Hundreds of Cash For College Workshops are held across the state during January and February to provide students and parents the information they need to complete FAFSA and Cal Grant applications. Find a Cash For College workshop near you here.


Could students you know benefit from more college-going and college financial aid support? Check out these organizations that serve students underrepresented at colleges and universities:


uAspire works to ensure that all young people have the financial information and resources necessary to find an affordable path to and through a postsecondary education. uAspire partners with high schools, community organizations, and colleges to provide college affordability advice to more than 10,000 young people and their families every year. 


College Track targets students from underserved communities for comprehensive academic support, leadership training, financial and college advising, and scholarships.


California Student Opportunity and Access Program (Cal SOAP) is a statewide network of regional consortia that helps students underrepresented in higher education gain access to college. Cal Soap member organizations provide academic, counseling, and financial aid support to students, tailored to the specific needs of students in each region.

The National College Access Network (NCAN) is a collaborative of hundreds of organizations with the goal of increasing college opportunities for underrepresented students. The three affiliate networks in California are Southern California CAN, East Bay CAN, and the Northern California College Collaboration.


Want to know more about college financial aid trends in California? Check out Education TrustWests Reports:


Cost of Opportunity finds that low-income students are less likely to have access to college financial aid opportunities based on an analysis of FAFSA and Cal Grant submissions.


Ed TrustWest’s Equity Alert, Doorways to College Aid, follows up the Cost of Opportunity report by providing updated findings onFAFSA and Cal Grant submission rates and sharing various efforts to increase FAFSA and CAL Grant applications.


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